Renascence Arts Festival

Re·nas·cence: \riˈnasəns,-ˈnāsəns/
the revival of something that has been dormant.

The Renascence Arts Festival is a 2-day outdoor celebration of the arts; featuring live music from local, national, international musicians and audiences in a celebration of collaboration and discovery. A poetry garden, dance and theatrical performances, open air market with artists & crafts, food vendors, family friendly activities & including a kid zone.  A new modern day Renaissance. The overall purpose of the festival is to encourage attendees & supporters to experience the great cultural shift of the arts. A new modern day Renaissance. 

Our first RAF will be held in 2017 on August 26th & 27th at Wild Bill's Nostalgia in Middletown, Connecticut and will be free admission.

About Wild Bills Nostalgia

Wild Bills Nostalgia is not just a store, it's a way of life.  On our 45-acre property on Route 3 in Middletown, CT we have a Nostalgia Store where you can find anything collectable or Nostalgic.  Come visit us 7 days a week and check out posters, magazines, whale bones, bobbing head dolls, pops, wacky wobblers, bones, taxidermy, flags, records, petrified turtle shell and bunches of other things that will peak your interest. 

The property also features a giant walk through fun house and pretzel dark ride (currently under construction), a stage and outdoor movie theater as well as a few other oddities; the world largest jack in the box and the world’s largest bobbing head doll and don't forget the Yugo farm (currently 1/3 complete) in the far corner of the parking lot. 
Come for a visit.  We promise you've never been anywhere like here before.