Our Stages

Castle Field PLAY Stage

Revival Stage

A unique live music jam experience where the musician(s) and the audience make the music.

Open to any amazingly talented musician friends, we'd love to have them come be part of this live jam at the PLAY stage. 

Bring your instruments and come jam! 
Our main acts will be performing all day long on the main stage. Our committee will select some of the best talented artists in the North East. Mostly from Connecticut and surrounding areas.

Poetry Garden

Indie Film Stage

Poetry, Literature and Talks. Our festival-goers will absolutely love the reflective, interesting and engaging poetry, literature and talks.
The range of performances, readings and talks, It'll allow the audience to experience and learn more about writing and performance in poetry and literature, and to try things out for themselves in a friendly and supportive environment. 
The mission of the Indie Film Stage is to celebrate independent film and filmmakers in an intimate festival setting that enhances the cultural and artistic life of our community.

We will carefully curate the program of documentary, narrative, and short films. 

Note: All stage acts will be booked in advanced and you must fill out an artists application.

Artists App!

Family Friendly Activities & Kid Zone


Graffiti Wall

Portable restrooms, dumpster and trash containers
We'll be getting a portable wall donated to us which you'll be able to leave your mark. It'll have our logo in the middle and you'll be free to create anything as you please on it.
Our family friendly and kid zone activities will be announced

Yoga workshops

Neon paint war

Canvases forest

Workshops will be in the morning right at 9am. The festival starts at 12 PM each day. The instructor will accept donations for hosting the yoga sessions.
Using non toxic holi and paint to toss in the air or at each other to bring some color and fun into your day.
We'll have free art work throughout the festival location for you to keep. We'll commission artists to create the art. (Please take one piece during the festival)